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Predicting the Best NFL Offenses for the 2021-22 Season – Hierarchy List

by Riley Baines


This is the tier-by-tier rankings of each offenses in the NFL breaking down the best NFL offenses.

Tier 1:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
At this point you cannot bet on Tom Brady on the downward slope of a cliff. He has shown no signs of slowing down and will now be given a full restriction free off-season to grow the chemistry with his superstar filled offense.

Green Bay Packers:
This ranking is under the assumption that Aaron Rodgers is still in Green Bay. If he isn’t they will drop far on this list. The loss of Corey Linsley isn’t something to take for granted, but as long as the MVP is still at the helm, the wheels will continue to turn.

Kansas City Chiefs:
The Chiefs made it their mission to provide Patrick Mahomes more protection and succeeded. They drastically improved their offensive line which ended up being their woe in the Super Bowl.

Tier 2:

Arizona Cardinals:
At some point Kliff Kingsbury needs to take the training wheels of Kyler Murray. He was in MVP form early in the season, but then teams started to scheme against the read option. This offense cannot continue to be so conservative in short yardage scenarios.

Cleveland Browns:
Kevin Stefanski seemed to get the best of of Baker Mayfield even playing his best football without Odell Beckham. Pair that with a great offensive line and the best two-headed monster duo in recent memory and it’s a recipe for success.

Buffalo Bills:
The upward trajectory of Josh Allen has been a joy to watch. We knew how talented he was as a runner and he continues to make strides as a passer. If it weren’t for a lackluster backfield, they would be candidates for tier 1.

Dallas Cowboys:
Dak Prescott was on a historic pace before he was injured last season. He has all the weapons in the world at his disposal this season. If his protection can hold up, the Dallas Cowboys are a serious dark horse.

Los Angeles Rams:
Sean McVay made Jared Goff. I repeat… Sean McVay made Jared Goff. The addition of Matthew Stafford is massive for this offense and team. They are now serious Super Bowl contenders.

Seattle Seahawks:
Let Russ cook. The Seahawks added Shane Waldron as their offensive coordinator which could mean massive scheme changes. Russell Wilson was on fire early last season and then they resorted to a run-first mentality. Once again I say, “let Russ cook”.

Tennessee Titans:
Just when you thought losing Corey Davis would negatively effect this offense they go out and get Julio Jones. I see the Titans defense on the downward trend so it’s up to this offense to carry the load.


Tier 3:

Los Angeles Chargers:
I was very close to slotting the Chargers in tier 2. Imagine thinking that in 2019? I’d have to slap myself. Justin Herbert is a stud and has arguably the most upgraded protection in the NFL with a new offensive coordinator in Joe Lombardi.

San Francisco 49ers:
The 49ers continue to be held back by their QB situation, but thankfully this offense doesn’t need to do too much. Their defense is stacked and their low-risk style is complimented by their no-face rushing game. Kyle Shanahan has the most RB friendly scheme in the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens:
In what was seen as a down year for the offense, it really wasn’t that down. Lamar Jackson continues to make up for lackluster play at Wide Receiver and his running ability opens up massive holes for his running backs.

Atlanta Falcons:
Losing Julio Jones hurts… it hurts a lot. That being said adding Kyle Pitts will soften the blow. He is a candidate to break the rookie receiving record for tight ends as he is more of a receiver than a tight end. The Falcons will continue to be one of the league leaders in passing attempts making up for their horrible defense.

New Orleans Saints:
The Saints continue to have an excellent roster. Does losing Drew Brees hurt this offense? I don’t know if that’s a case. He was clearly washed up and Jameis Winston at Quarterback will lead to a lot more downfield throwing.

Minnesota Vikings:
Adding Christian Darrisaw in the first round will help this offensive line, but they were already pretty bad. Other than that, this is pretty much the same offense as last season including their dangerous receiving tandem in Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson.

Indianapolis Colts:
If Carson Wentz can do anything to resemble his 2017 form then this offense will look really good. He has amazing protection at offensive line and one of the best rushing attacks to rely on.

Tier 4:

New England Patriots:
It’s pretty telling when adding Nelson Agholor already makes him your best wide receiver. That being said both Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith are massive additions. This Patriots team will likely go back thirty years in time to a double tight end heavy run approach for most downs considering the inconsistency of Cam Newton.

Carolina Panthers:
The Panthers are stacked at all skill positions minus the most important in Quarterback. Add the fact that they have a below average offensive line and this could end up being a waste of talent. Who knows the Sam Darnold we see in 2021.

Jacksonville Jaguars:
There are a lot of new faces in Jacksonville which leads to a big question mark from me. Trevor Lawrence is an elite prospect, but it takes a special kind of talent and supporting cast for a rookie QB to really succeed.

Las Vegas Raiders:
Aside from Darren Waller, I don’t believe in any pass catchers for the Raiders. Henry Ruggs could take steps in his sophmore season, but he played too soft year one. They also lost half of their offensive line which makes me worried about this offense as a whole.

Miami Dolphins:
If we see the same Tua Tagovailoa as last season then this offense could be in trouble. The Dolphins were carried by their defense last season, and it may look a lot of the same this season. That being said his weapons did improve as Will Fuller was one of the sneakiest signings of the off-season.

Pittsburgh Steelers:
Is Ben Roethlisberger may just end up being washed. He looked great in the first half o the season, but once teams figured out his tendency to get rid of the football faster than ever the entire offense declined. This isn’t the same stacked Steelers offensive line of the past.

Washington Football Team:
The range of outcomes is very wide for Washington. I love the signing of Curtis Samuel, but the loss of Morgan Moses hurts their offensive line. We have seen the high ceiling of Ryan Fitzpatrick, but we have also seen the bottomless pit of a floor. It’s been an entire career of extremely inconsistent performances.

Philadelphia Eagles:
The Eagles have been plagues with injuries in recent memory. Last season they drafted Jalen Reagor which was a massive disappointment considering they could have grabbed Justin Jefferson. I think they finally got it right with Devonta Smith. That being said Jalen Hurts needs to make massive steps in the passing game to bring this offense to the next level.

Tier 5:

Cincinnati Bengals:
I think Ja’Marr Chase is going to have a great NFL career, but I don’t agree with passing on Penei Sewell. They had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL last season, and while they added a couple of names, Joe Burrow is in for a long season if they don’t improve.

New York Giants:
Sure, the Giants now have one of the most dangerous receiving corps in the NFL, but at what cost? Daniel Jones has been a turnover machine and has pretty much the same lackluster offensive line protecting him. Jason Garrett isn’t a good enough play caller to make up for the wholes in protection.

Denver Broncos:
A healthy Cortland Sutton makes a difference for this offense, but I really don’t believe in Drew Lock. If we get the same Drew Lock as last season, this will be one of the lesser offenses in the NFL regardless of the weapons around him.

Chicago Bears:
Is Justin Fields week 1 ready? Probably not. Andy Dalton will probably start for the first few weeks and lead them to mediocracy. Sure he has some great pass catchers around him in Allen Robinson and Darnell Mooney, but Andy Dalton is nothing but a below average QB.

Tier 6:

Houston Texans:
Deshaun Watson has made it clear he wants nothing to do with the Houston Texans. Tyrod Taylor isn’t a horrible QB, but not someone to move the needle on an offense that has been trending downwards since the departure of Deandre Hopkins.

New York Jets:
I think Zach Wilson was the right pick at 2nd overall. Like I said for Trevor Lawrence, it takes a really special player and supporting cast to make a big difference as a rookie Quarterback. The Jets aren’t that team. Adding Corey Davis helps, but not enough to make up for their holes.

Detroit Lions:
The Detroit Lions sneakily have one of the most promising young offensive lines in the NFL. That’s a great formula for a good offense, but they are in re-build mode. Jared Goff has been extremely overrated and the Lions have been stripped of their best pass catchers.




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